Balance Psilocybin Capsules (Phantasia)


50mg/Cap = 30caps , 1500mg Total

100mg/Cap = 30caps , 3000mg Total

200mg/Cap = 30caps , 6000mg Total


Order Balance Psilocybin Capsules Online

Order Balance Psilocybin Capsules Online. Ingredients: Each capsule of Balance contains organic six medicinal mushroom blend grown organically in USA.
Chaga 8:1 dual extract powder (water/alcohol).
Reishi 16:1 dual extract powder (water/alcohol).
Cordyceps 1:1 hot water extract.
Coriolus 8:1 dual extract powder (water/alcohol).
Lions Mane 1:1 hot water extract powder.
Maitake 1:1 hot water extract powder.


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