Mushrooms and Cannabis: Mixing Psilocybin with THC & CBD

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Now that mushrooms is now legal in many parts of USA, it is more available than it was in the past. Now, it is even possible to mix shrooms with cannabis. Many people say that eating or smoking cannabis with shrooms can elevate the experience. 

Similarities Between Shrooms and Cannabis

It’s worth nothing that both shrooms and marijuana are natural substances, and you can grow them at home yourself fairly easily. For example, you might get some hemp seeds and a shroom grow kit, and you can care for them with the rest of your houseplants. But there are other similarities, as well.

For example, each one is known for its specific components. For cannabis, it is CBD and THC, and for shrooms, it is psilocybin. It is believed that it is mostly these components that influence the effects of each substance. 

However, the feeling of being high that comes from cannabis or shrooms is often because of the entourage effect. The components work together to make the experience unique. This is why some strains of shrooms or cannabis have different effects. 

The method of consumption also is a similarity. Both shrooms and cannabis can be smoked after drying them. They might be mixed with a base, such as tobacco. You also can choose from edibles, capsules, and beverages, such as coffees or teas. This is a good method of balancing out their strong tastes. Plus, you can also mix shrooms and cannabis in many ways. 


Potential Effects of Each Substance

A lot of people use cannabis because they believe it may offer some potential health advantages, whether there is THC in it. Some people who have anxiety, inflammation, or pain use marijuana in hopes of relieving their symptoms. Some people who have cancer turn to marijuana. Others believe the herb can help them reduce the symptoms of arthritis, epilepsy, or even insomnia. 

Seemingly, shrooms are also believed by some users to have potential health advantages. Most of these potential effects are related to someone’s mental health. The psilocybin that is in the shrooms is believed to potentially help improve people’s moods while increasing their focus. Plus, magic mushrooms are often used by people who have obsessive-compulsive disorder, anxiety, PTSD, or depression. 

How Do Different Types of Shrooms React with Cannabis?

The various types of mushrooms have unique effects when you consume them. If you have been using mushrooms for a while, you might have noticed that in some cases, it can help you feel more energized, motivated, productive, and euphoric. On the other hand, it might make you feel sleepy and ready to go to bed. It could also make you feel calmer or more relaxed. 

The effects depend on the kind of mushroom and the components that you can find in it. The main types are magic mushrooms and edibles. Magic Mushrooms are often more stimulating for you. It is used by some people to try to boost their focus or reduce the symptoms of depression. It can also be used to try to increase people’s energy. 

On the other hand, Edibles might be more sedating in nature. They might make you feel calmer or more soothed, and your appetite might increase after using this type. Also, some medical shrooms users with chronic pain choose Edibles.

Since different types of shrooms have different effects by themselves, they can be mixed with active substances, such as Marijuana, and you will have varying results every time. But the opposite can also be true. If you use different strains of medical Marijuana, you can get different trips each time. 

This is particularly true when they are mixed with CBD or THC from the marijuana plant. Even if you get your own home growing kit and eat your own shrooms, you will have different results each time. For many users, this is part of why using magic mushrooms is so much fun. 

Enhancing the Effects of Shrooms

When you are using a sativa cannabis strain, you might enhance the shroom experience. You might have heightened senses, and you may have a more positive and pleasant experience. But if you choose to use an Indica strain, you might be able to reduce any nausea that you feel after consuming shrooms. That might help you reduce symptoms of anxiety brought on by shroom use, as well. Overall, using marijuana might prolong how long your shroom trip is, and it might take you to a new level. 

The Importance of Starting Slowly

Because using marijuana can enhance and prolong your shroom experience, you will need to begin slowly, particularly if you have had any previous negative experiences with shrooms. In some cases, using shrooms and cannabis together might increase your levels of anxiety or paranoia, and if it is a negative experience, you do not want this to last for a long time. 

If you have had a bad day or if your mood is not very positive, you might not want to mix CBD and THC with your magic shrooms. To have a more positive experience, begin with a very tiny dose of shrooms with your cannabis, and do this when you are in a good mood to begin with. Start out fairly slowly and see how your body reacts. Then you can gradually increase the dosage until you have one that you are happy with.

Final Thoughts

Having a mix of CBD and THC with your shrooms can offer you a unique, unforgettable experience. If you are curious about doing this for yourself, you can try it easily. It is up to you to decide which consumption method of each you want to try. For example, you might decide to smoke a joint while enjoying a shroom edible. Just remember to start out slowly and have a positive mindset as you approach the experience. This is because using shrooms can intensify your current emotions, and you want to be able to feel euphoric on your trip

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