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What Are Magic Mushrooms?

Magic mushrooms (also commonly known as “shrooms”) are species of fungi that contain the hallucinogenic substance psilocybin. Shrooms are widely known for their psychedelic and hallucinogenic effects that they have on users. There are just under 200 known species of psilocybin mushrooms, and have a long history rooted in Central American spiritual and religious rituals. Over time a number of strains of these shrooms have become mainstream and made available throughout the world. The most common form that is available to consumers is magic mushrooms in their dried form. Buy mgic mushrooms online.

What are Dried Shrooms?

Dried shrooms are basically psilocybin mushrooms that have been cultivated to perfection and put through a drying process. The end result is a product that is ready to consume for its many therapeutic benefits. Magic mushrooms have been used to treat a wide range of conditions that include anxiety, depression, OCD, headaches and addiction. Magic mushrooms have only begun to make its way out of the shadows and into Canadian popular culture, and as time passes, more research is sure to show a much wider range of benefits. 

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Psilocybin (4-phosphoryloxy-N , N-dimethyltryptamine) and Psilokin are chemical compounds produced in Mexico, South America and the regions of the United States from certain varieties of dried and fresh hallucinogenic mushrooms. Indole-alkylamine (tryptamine) is known as psilocybin. Such compounds have a similar structure to diethylamide (LSD) lysergic acid and are misused to create a  The effects on the Central Nervous System Serotonin (5-HT) receptors are possibly caused by hallucinogenic (psychedelic) drugs. You can buy PSILOCYBIN online and get PSILOCYBIN for sale online. More than 180 mushroom species contain psilocybin or psilocin chemicals. Hallucinogenic mushrooms, including peyote (mescaline), have been used over centuries in indigenous and religious ceremonies. The lab can also develop psilocybin and psilocin synthetically. There have been rumors of other LSD-laced mushroom species being psilocybins that were purchased on the markets.

Medical Use

While psilocybin was used in rituals over the years, recent clinical studies have also been documented in modern medicine. In the Psychopharmacology Journal, a paper describing two small studies showing the ingredient in  magic mushrooms (psilocybin), the feeling of “existential pain, which patients frequently encounter after being treated for cancer, is written. Cancer will reportedly leave patients with this kind of psychiatric illness with the feeling that life is meaningless. It may not be sufficient to provide traditional therapies as antidepressants. Nevertheless, a single dose of psilocybine in synthetic form reversed the patients pain and has become a long-term consequence.


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Different Magic Mushroom Strains

As previously mentioned, there are almost 200 different species of psilocybin mushroom. The most common strain by far is Psilocybin Cubensis, and the majority of shroom strains available are a subset of this popular mushroom. Belows is a list of some of the most common magic mushroom strains in Canada.  -Golden Teacher -Penis Envy -African Transkei -Albino Penis Envy -Amazonian Cubensis -Avalanche -B+ -Beanie Meanie -Blue Meanie -Brazillian Cubensis -Costa Rican Cubensis -Daddy Long Legs -Goldi Locks -Mexican Cubensis -Treasure Coast -Wollongong , buy magic mushrooms online.

Magic Mushroom Potency Rating Scale

1 – Mildly Potent (Mexican) 2 – Moderately Potent (Golden Teacher, African Transkei, B+, Z-Strain, Brazilian) 3 – Potent (Cambodian, Wollongong) 4 – Very Potent (Penis Envy, Albino Penis Envy, Penis Envy Uncut) 5 – Extremely Potent (Blue Meanie)

How to Take Dried Magic Mushrooms?

Taking shrooms is as easy as popping them into your mouth and eating them. However, the taste can be a bit bitter to some, whereas others do not mind the taste in the slightest. For those who find dried shrooms to be unbearable to eat, a common solution is mixing them with regular food items. Just be sure that whatever you choose to mix actually would taste good with mushrooms. Another solution is to grind up the dried shrooms and brew it into a nice warm cup of tea.



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